Site-wide player hosts a rolling set of new, draft material. I enjoy transparency in process because my own opinion of finished is unfinished.

Songwriting practice is art. I am now approaching collaborative vistas.



Brett Nelson is a singer/songwriter from Southern Alberta, Canada. The guitarwork of artists like Nick Drake, Bert Jansch and those of the American primitive guitar movement lives in his hands, the writing of Bob Dylan in his head, and Joni Mitchell in his approach to melody and phrasing. 

His approach to writing and sharing deep insights and subversive sentiments through the medium of song has been informed by his early years' travels across the Canadian and American countrysides, immersing himself in the folk and DIY music scenes along the way. His development as an artist exhibits a unique and steadfast dedication to the balance between chasing the muse and honing one's craft. 

 After years of releasing EPs and home-spun albums and touring the US, Canada and the UK, Brett retreated from the stage in 2018 and spent the years following living and working on organic farms in Southern Quebec. 

He has returned to the stage and is currently at work on his debut studio full-length album, to be released in 2024/25.